RF Label

Ocean Ease Enterprises Limited carries various types of EAS radio frequency electronic anti-theft labels. A paper-thin EAS labels are manufactured to the highest quality standards and compatible with all existing 8.2 MHz RF technology systems. These labels can protect all types of merchandise in a retail setting and are designed for applications requiring maximum detection distance and deactivation height combined with minimum cost. EAS labels are available pre-printed with dummy bar codes, or in plain versions, which allow for imprinting of in-house bar codes, pricing information, and even merchandising messages using regular bar code Printers. Ocean Ease is dedicated to providing RF Labels of best quality, superior performance with lower costs to customers worldwide. RFID tag (also called “Smart Tag”) is made up of ultra-thin label assembled with an integrated circuit (IC) that performs programming. It has been widely used in supply chain solutions, logistics management, baggage tracking and electronic ticketing and access control


• Antenna Size (MD x TD) 40x40mm
• Resonance Frequency 8.2MHz(±4%)
• Quality Factor Q≧75
• Deactivation Field strength 0.9A/m-1.7A/m
• Quantity per Roll (standard) 1,000pcs
• Cardboard Core inner Diameter 76.2mm
• Labels per box 20,000 Labels
• Box Gross weight 15kg
• Box Dimension 47x32.5x17.5cm
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